When I say “Love Works,” it can mean two things.  First, there is so much power in love that it will affect others, or second, loving others is hard work.  If we want to reach out and touch others with the love of Jesus, it requires a lot of love that works hard to guide people home.


You are familiar with the Ten Commandments, well; I would like to suggest “The Ten Commitments” that will help us love others into the kingdom of God.  My prayer is that these action steps will be used of God in your life to reach many who need the Savior.



The Ten Commitments


  1. Love:Build a relationship that shows you care.  It has been said that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.


  1. Listen:Give them freedom to share their hearts. Listen more than you talk so that you will understand them better and gain their trust.


  1. Model: Capture imaginations with life-change and sacrifice.  Let them see a glimpse of eternity by watch God at work in you.


  1. Celebrate: Maximize holiday and spiritual traditions.  Use the annual celebrations in life and family to draw attention to the Lord.


  1. Gift: Be generous with resources and opportunities.  Give gifts with a purpose to enlighten others about the ways of God.


  1. Cheer: Cheerlead and participate in their world.  Look for the twinkle in their eyes when you compliment and join in their successes.


  1. Share: Plant seeds with your spiritual story.  When appropriate, sprinkle your conversation with truth that God is teaching you.


  1. Invite: Walk them into a healthy Christian community. When the Body of Christ is vibrant, it speaks for itself.  Invite them to your events or studies.


  1. Heal: Be there in the tough times.  Suffering is a season when many people are more open to learn about the Lord.  Don’t avoid them; jump in!


  • Pray:Intercede with your eyes wide open.Watch what God is doing in their lives and pray for open doors.  Trust Him to do the impossible.
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