The reason that you are a believer in Christ is that someone passed the torch of faith to you.  It is in your hands now, so what are you going to do with it?  Give it away or burn your fingers?


The Apostle Paul desperately wanted to place the mantle of Christian leadership on Timothy before he was executed by Nero.  In his last letter (2 Timothy 2:1-7), he mentions two things that are eternal:  people and God’s Word.  Timothy’s role was to connect the two so that the Christian message passes down and spreads through the ages.


Paul used three metaphors which comprise various tests for faithful believers wishing to share the message.  The soldier reminds us to be loyal and make our Lord’s command to tell others a priority.  Likewise, the athlete must keep the rules just as we must shape our lives by God’s Word to be a testimony to others.  And the farmer stretches us to work hard at the task.  The vast majority of people who believe do so from the influence of a Christian family member or friend.  Are you working to do your part?


If you have not been involved in helping others, you probably feel guilty or don’t know where to start.  It has been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  Let’s start a discussion of what those first steps could look like.  Now, please don’t laugh…


  1. Don’t hide your Bible. As you read the Scriptures or journal, leave it out for people to see.  This could tweak their imagination and may even motivate them to snoop.


  1. Go viral. Pass along meaningful spiritual information that you see on the internet.  Look for material that is marked by grace and briefly share how it helped you.


  1. Waggle your tongue. When those special moments arise, share a brief and humble word about what you are learning on your spiritual journey and the ways God is helping you change.  You may not get an immediate response, but people listen more than you think.  Please don’t preach because I need my job!


  1. Brag about godly people you meet. Humility is revealed when we exalt others.  Your compliments will help people glimpse grace in action.


  1. Decorate with magazines and books. Why do we tend to read more magazines when we are visiting the in-laws?  Duh!  Place some appealing Christian reading on your coffee table to shake up the boredom of your visitors.  They may catch God’s vision without you saying a word.


  1. Vacation with a purpose. Invite the grandchildren to take a trip with you so they can see your Christian values in motion.  Watch for the Lord to open a window for some wonderful conversations.


  1. Write down your story. Since one day they will rummage through your things looking for valuables, leave them a treasure worth more than gold-the story of your journey with the Lord.  Many will read it and someone special will treasure it!


  1. Pray big time. Did you know that God cares for their souls even more than you do?


Just imagine the multiplication for the kingdom of God if we all passed our torches to those we love.  Who needs your torch?

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