Churches are usually mindful of the biblical qualifications for spiritual leaders in the church found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.  Since leaders live in a world of tension, here are some balances which might be helpful when looking for people to serve.


Is this person recognized as…


  1. Godly but human? Their walk with God is self-evident yet they have an honest and approachable style.


  1. Visionary but compassionate? They blend a passion for building a shared vision and gently help others grow into it.


  1. Leading but following? They are good leaders because they know how to follow well.


  1. Resourceful but dependent on God? They blend faith and works doing what they can but give the glory to God.


  1. Decisive but listening? They can make a bold decision but willing leave bias at the door to honestly consider the expressions of others.


  1. Active but empowering? They model faithful participation in the ministry, stewardship and service with a passion to release others to do the same.


  1. Seeking unity but allowing conflict? They realize that honest and gracious debate can build stronger relationships, unity and ownership.


  1. Responsible but accountable? They take responsibility for a project but are open to questions and accountability.


  1. Measuring success but accepting of intangibles? They desire systems that lead to success but recognize realities which cannot be measured or expected.


  1. Mature but growing? They have an unquenchable desire to know and honor God in new and fresh ways.
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